Celebrating Easter with Your Family: Free Printables & Reading Plan


The Easter season is filled with tradition and hope. As parents, there are unforgettable moments when we see the excitement of a child waking up on Easter morning to a basket filled with toys and a chocolate bunny. There is the joy a child expresses as he dashes out into the yard to search for Easter eggs filled with candy. It's easy for the enthusiasm surrounding Easter to be all about bunnies and eggs. But, Easter is about so much more excitement and joy than this! Each year at this time, we have the the opportunity to pause and reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made for us when he took the weight of our sins and died on the cross. And then, we have the opportunity to celebrate that Jesus was resurrected three days later and redeems us from every burden and feeling of guilt or shame that we carry.

Attached is resource that we hope will help you as you are intentional with your kids this Easter season. These three coloring sheets tell a part of the story of Easter. We encourage you to set aside about 15 minutes for three days in the week leading up to Easter Sunday. During this time, read aloud as a family verses straight from the Bible. Each day has a corresponding coloring sheet that your children can color as they are listening to the hope that comes from the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. We hope and pray that your children meet Jesus in a real way this Easter Season! If you have young children, consider reading these stories out of a children's Bible!

On Day 1: Read Matthew 26:36-56

The Last Supper and Garden of Gethsemane

  • When you read about The Last Supper, be sure to talk with your child about communion. Jesus gave us communion as a picture to remember the sacrifice he made for us when he died on the cross.
  • Pray together that you will REMEMBER Jesus's sacrifice!

On Day 2: Read Matthew 27:32-66

Jesus's Crucifixion and Burial

  • When you read about Jesus's crucifixion and burial, if you have a younger child, consider talking about the symbol of the cross, and that as Christians, it reminds us of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. If you have older children, ask them to think about sin and how Jesus's death on the cross offered us a direct path to forgiveness when we ask for it.
  • Pray together for FORGIVENESS of our sins!

On Day 3: Read Matthew 28

Jesus's Resurrection and The Great Commission

  • When you read about Jesus's resurrection and the commission he gave the disciples, talk about what The Great Commission means for us today. Ask how your children can show others the love of God.
  • Pray together and express THANKFULNESS for our relationship with Jesus and HOPE for the future!

Click the pictures below to download the printables!

Easter Coloring Page 1
Easter Coloring Page 1
Easter Coloring Page 2
Easter Coloring Page 2
Easter Coloring Page 3
Easter Coloring Page 3