Valentine's Day: Make this Week Count!


Valentine’s Day is just a few days away! You might be the keep-it-simple-parent or the last-minute-parent, in which case you bought (or will buy) the box set from Target or CVS. “Wait! Where is that email with the class list so we can spell everyone’s name correctly?!?!” Or maybe you’re the crafty-type who is thrilled at the opportunity and have been scrolling through Pinterest for the most clever sayings and unique gifts! (Will you share your runner-up ideas with the rest of us?!?) Either way, this week is a time of year that we tell people around us that we love them! To be intentional about sharing your faith at home, you just have to take it one step further. As parents, we can leverage everyday moments and rhythms to tell our kids how much God loves them, and what better opportunity than Valentine’s Day!

Here are a few simple ideas for how to make the most of this week:

  1. Cut hearts out of construction paper, write something that you love about your child each morning, and tape it to their bedroom door. Share it with them as they get ready in the morning!
  2. Plan a special candlelight dinner for your family this week. Making memories with your kids doesn’t have to be elaborate or over the top.  Have one child make place cards and another create table decorations.  Have each family member draw a name and tell two things that they love about that family member.
  3. Conversation hearts: A favorite Valentine’s treat!  Look up the verses above as a family and talk about God’s great love for us...and maybe enjoy the candy treat while you do it!
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